Gerri Ann Siwek is a visual artist and arts educator living and creating in Regina Saskatchewan.

"I entwine nature and art in my collections and imagery, inspired by curiosity and the wonder that surrounds me. In my art making I observe, collect and record what is both visible and invisible. I combine the explained with the unexplained and the natural with the supernatural. Working with paint, collage, encaustic and installation, I continually explore the diversity of both the natural and supernatural worlds."

I teach with patience and humor and believe in the importance of nurturing the creative soul that everyone possesses. I teach drawing, acrylic and mixed media painting classes in Regina, and throughout Saskatchewan. I have also taught workshops in Toronto Ontario,Puerto Vallarta Mexico and Verona Italy. As a visual artist, I have exhibited and presented artist talks throughout Saskatchewan, in Edmonton Alberta, Montreal Quebec, Houston Texas, Minneapolis Minnesota, and Dearborn Michigan.

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